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[23 Feb 2013 | No Comment | 653 views]

Tikona Digital Networks introduces new broadband tariff plans. It now offers more speed in three broad-based categories, heavy usage (No GB restrictions and No speed downgrade), medium usage (5GB to 20GB/month) and light usage  (upto 10GB/month).
Here are the details:
Tikona Heavy usage:
 (No GB restrictions)
Unlimited 4Mbps plan@1499 per month,
Fair Usage policy (FUP)
entitlement of 80GB
No speed downgrade if FUP is followed.
Increase in contention ratio, which does not impact speed in low traffic time zones
Tikona Medium usage category:
(5 GB to 20GB per month)
Guaranteed Bill Limit
4 Mbps @ 849 per month, 5GB FUP
2 Mbps …

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